We often hear people comment that vinyl is making a comeback. In our view, it never left. We've been here for years with a steady clientele of music addicts through many people's decision to move solely to CDs and MP3s. Additionally, the emergence of vinyl fans from a generation that didn't necessarily grow up with it has added to vinyl's overall success and longevity.

Our listeners have always demanded a high quality of broadcast from us, and have always wanted a wide range of music.  We continue to increase the volume and titles of music We offer and play on our broadcasts. We have a huge selection of music, including Vinyl, CD, tape, and MP3.

There's magic in the grooves, and that magic is in the Vinyl at JayRadio1.com.At JayRadio1.com, we believe that vinyl records are one of the greatest inventions ever made. They present music fans with the purest form of sound that any format of recorded music has offered. Come check out our collection of records, stick around for music requests, and watch music videos.  We take requests during the broadcasts, talk about music, Home Beer and Wine brewing, and pretty much anything else that people want to talk about.

Supreme Quality